Fast and skilful are the first two words that can be used to describe Trade-Mart Dundee Stars forward duo, Anthony Rinaldi and Jake Elmer, who have both provided some key scoring for the team in recent weeks and hope to continue finding the net in the playoffs.

By Kris Smith

Both players scored three goals each in the last four regular season games and provided crucial goals to help secure the team’s playoff spot but insisted they could not have done it without the help of their teammates.

After netting a brace and the game-winning-goal in Kirkcaldy last weekend, Rinaldi said: “It is a testament to how our line is doing.

“I think we have played a little more than 30 percent of the games together and it feels like any chance we get to bury on opportunities, then we will do our best and if it keeps going and I get a couple more this weekend, I would not say no to that.”

Before departing for Cardiff on Friday, the Canadian winger shared how the team have had a good week of practice and feel ready for tonight’s challenge.

He said: “It has felt really good, having a good practice week is essential for two big playoff games, especially when it is one big 120-minute game and we are all excited and looking forward to it.

“We are going to start fresh and obviously we had a hard time against them all year but going over their systems and looking at the game plan, we will be ready for them this weekend.”



Rinaldi also discussed how he and the rest of the team are looking forward to playing playoff hockey in the DIA and in front of the fans, adding: “We are excited to be playing in Dundee on Sunday in front of our fans.

“The last two games of the season had sold-out crowds and the fans made so much noise in Fife it almost felt like a home game, so if they bring the same energy to our home leg then it will give us a lot of energy on the ice.

“Their support means a lot to us so we look forward to seeing them back in the DIA for the final home game of the year.”

Canadian winger, Elmer also discussed how he has been finding the net lately and put his performance all down to confidence, something his linemates are filling him with.

He said: “I am just playing with confidence and it is easy to do that when you know you are out there with guys who can get you the puck, they are creating opportunities and creating spaces.

“Carter has been playing unbelievably well and Brent has been playing great too, so we are just going to try and continue our momentum that we have had for the last little bit and go down to Cardiff and show the league that we are not a team to be messed with.



Jake also explained how the mood has been around the dressing room as the team prepared for this weekend and he said: “It has been good, we have had great practices this week and the guys are getting ready, getting excited and you can feel the buzz around the room.

“So, we are just looking forward to getting down to Cardiff and hopefully getting the first game won by a good margin and then finishing it off at home.”

He continued: “We just have to play our game.

“Do not deviate, do not get worried, we have all played in big games in our careers and we are going to stick to our DNA, which is what makes us successful and what makes us a team that got into the playoffs.

“So, we are just going to do what we normally do, we are going to compete and we are going to want the win more than they do.”


All images: Derek Black.

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