Kitmart Dundee Stars forward, Craig Garrigan has emphasised the importance of finishing strong in the last few weeks of the season, as the team gear-up for the final fight to win a playoff spot.

This Saturday, the Stars go up against seventh place Manchester Storm, as they aim to close the gap between themselves and the second last playoff spot to one point.

Dundee hold two games in hand against Manchester and the 21-year-old has stressed how important a strong finish will be over the last 10 games.

Garrigan said: “It’s important to finish strong down this stretch, if you look at how far we have come since Christmas, we have been playing our best hockey and have been in our best form.

“So, we just need to keep this going for the final stretch to gain a playoff spot.”

Garrigan also said that getting a result against Manchester will be vital to keeping their hopes of making the post-season alive.

He added: “The position we are in just now, we are fighting for a playoff spot.

“So, every game is extremely important and it is crucial to get points but our main priority is to win our game against Manchester this weekend because that will be a four-point game and will play a huge part in this playoff race.”

Whilst, Dundee have won both home games against the Storm this season, the Altrincham side are no easy opponents and the Stars winger is aware of what they need to do, to get a crucial victory.

Garrigan continued: “Against Manchester we’re going to have to play a playoff style game.

“We have to win our battles and use our speed against them and also get traffic in front of their net because we know that they have a good goalie, who can steal games for them.

Saturday’s home match will face-off at 7.00pm and you can buy your tickets HERE. Then Sunday’s road game in Cardiff faces-off at 4pm.

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