The Trade-Mart Dundee Stars are delighted to announce the Club Captain and Assistant Captains for the 2022-2023 Elite League season.

With a new GM and Head Coach, in Jeff Mason, he today named his first ever Stars leadership group for upcoming campaign and with last season’s Club Captain, Drydn Dow joining Jeff in a player-coaching role, there would be a new man in charge on the ice.

Wearing the ‘C’ this season will be returning Canadian forward, Fabrizio Ricci.

Fab re-joined the Stars this summer after a three-year spell in North America and the 27-year-old is ready to take on the first full captaincy role of his career.



Aiding Ricci in leading the Stars will be Home Assistant Captains, Kris Inglis and Hugo Reinhardt and Away Assistant Captains, Philippe Sanche and Colin Joe.

This will be Inglis’ second consecutive season of wearing an ‘A’ for the Stars and Hugo’s fifth time with a letter on his chest, after spending time as an Assistant Captain in Sweden and America, where he later captained his college team.

It is also the first time Sanche has been given the letter ‘A’, but he was the captain of his junior team in Canada and this is also Joe’s fourth year of being an Assistant Captain, although it is his first time in the European game.

After announcing Fabrizio as Club Captain, Mason said: “Drydn and I had a lot of conversations about the group and who we felt the leaders were, over the course of the last few weeks.

“We were very much on the same page as with the guys we saw and the roles we saw them in.

“For me, Fab is a guy who has played in Dundee before, had success in this league before and he is one of our more experienced players.

“He is also a very likeable guy, he is not afraid to speak up and everyone liked what he has done over the last couple of weeks he has been here, in doing the right things and saying the right things.

“He really seems to command the respect of the team and the guys listen to him and he is heavily involved with the team both on and off the ice and that is important.

“So, I think he is a great fit for the role, and for us going forward and I know he will do a great job.”

Make sure you buy your tickets to see the first competitive home game of the season this Sunday and cheer on Fab and the rest of the team against Glasgow Clan. Get your tickets HERE!

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