The Trade-Mart Dundee Stars secured two crucial points for their playoff push with a 7-4 win over Nottingham Panthers last Friday night and that has given the team a massive confidence boost ahead of Wednesday’s must-win home game against Guildford Flames.

By Kris Smith

The Stars had seven different scorers on Friday and also goaltender, Lucas Brine picked up his first pro win, as the Stars temporarily moved themselves back into the playoff spots.

Brent Beaudoin gave Dundee the lead before Nottingham struck twice to turn it around, but Jake Elmer’s 11th goal of the season would send the two teams into first break level.

After the Panthers regained the lead, Anthony Rinaldi equalised for the Taysiders and just as it seemed to be heading into the third session still tied at 3-3, the English outfit scored in the final second of the middle period.

However, Marc LeFebvre’s men rallied together and produced a big comeback, scoring three goals in three minutes, with Josh Brittain, Ryan Valentini and James Phelan all finding the back of the net.

Stars captain, Drydn Dow then netted the killer seventh goal in the 58th minute to seal the result and help Brine to his first win Elite League win, with a 25-save performance.

Sharing his delight to get the crucial win for the team but also his first win in professional hockey, Lucas said: “I am super happy, obviously it was not the prettiest win but we got the job done and the guys really battled for me.

“We had a huge third period where we really locked things down and got some huge goals to win the game.

“Because of the standings it was a big game and it is a bit of relief now that I got the first win and now, we just want to keep it going.”



He continued: “The fans want to see us win and we have definitely had a tougher run down this back part of the season than we would have wanted, but the fans were great, they were cheering every hit, goal or save tonight and that really helps us in the long-run, so we could not have asked for more really.”

Canadian forward, Rinaldi bagged a big goal in the third period to draw the Stars level at 3-3, just less than a minute after falling behind and discussing the game he said: “It was a great win, I feel like the boys have been playing hard recently.

“The group effort that we put in tonight, earned us the win and so if we keep playing like this then there is no stopping us and it builds momentum going into Wednesday.

“We all know how tight the standings are, so every game is super important moving forward.”



Blueliner, Xavier Pouliot also gave his thoughts on what was a fast-paced, end-to-end but also physical match, adding: “It was kind of a different game but also it was my first time playing that team, so I was not sure if it was like that before.

“There were a lot of turnovers, guys just picking up the puck and rushing against you all the time, which is a bit harder on defences but it was a something different and fun.

“Overall, it was a very fun night just because of the theme of the night, the number of fans that turned up and the atmosphere around the team, but we showed up confident and it paid off.

“Hopefully, we get a bit of streak going over these last eight games and every point is going to count as we come down to the wire.”



Winger, James Phelan also produced a big goal to put Dundee two-goals ahead with 13 minutes left to play and talking through his goal, he honestly admitted: “I will not lie, I was not aiming there but it was great to get one and especially at a big moment in the third period, so it felt really good to help the team win.”

James continued: “It was big win; we absolutely needed that one and it just feels good to feel that we can win again.

“Sometimes you can go on a long streak of losses and it weighs on the group, but it feels really good in the room right now and we feel we can make a good run now for the last stretch here and come in hot for the playoffs.

“It was big game and we absolutely needed those two points.”

Finally, he touched on the big and loud backing from the fans, commenting: “The atmosphere was really fun, it is always fun to play in this building and even more fun when you win.



“This place is great, the fans, the music and we really hope to make the playoffs for these fans and give them what they deserve.”

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All images: Derek Black.

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