The Trade-Mart Dundee Stars have teamed up with Incisiv, a neurotechnology company, to allow for deeper knowledge on the brain health of our players.

We are excited to announce that ahead of the 2022-23 EIHL season, the Stars have worked alongside neurotechnology company Incisiv in order to generate essential data on the brain health of our players.

The use of this technology means more informed, data driven decisions on a player’s health after a concussion can be made. This ensures the player’s health and wellbeing is more accurately monitored to know when they are ready to return to action.


By utilising Insiciv’s virtual reality technology, the boys were able to undertake a series of activities to monitor their brain’s health, giving baseline data to use for comparison in the event of a head injury.

Speaking on working with Incisiv, Head Coach and GM Jeff Mason said: “In a sport as physical and fast as ice hockey, player’s safety is of the utmost importance and for this reason we are extremely fortunate to be working with Incisiv this season.

“Through the use of VR Technology and with the support of the Incisiv team we aim to be at the forefront of the diagnosis and treatment of head injuries should they occur.

“This agreement shows the club are committed to ensuring players are receiving the best possible care when it comes to head injuries.

“Having experienced the Incisiv technology and team previously I can attest the great benefit this partnership will bring to ensure we get players back on the ice as quickly and safely as possible.”



Adding to this, Stars forward Chris Gerrie said: “It was the first time I have ever put a VR set on so it was a really cool experience for me and to do it for concussion treatment is obviously really important.

“I have seen lots of teammates deal with ongoing problems because they did not get proper treatment of concussion so having this cutting edge technology is really important and it was a really cool experience to try.

“I think it lets you jump right into competition easier knowing that there is nothing you need to be worried about or afraid of regarding the physical aspect of the game, it lets you feel more comfortable diving right into the season [knowing that you have been prepared ahead of any potential head injury].”

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