This special edition of Stats of the Stars takes a look at some of the standout statistics from the 2008-2009 season, where the team continued competing in the Northern League.

By Kris Smith

In the club’s eighth season, they finished fourth in the Northern League with 14 points from 16 fixtures and they also qualified for the playoffs.

Only five teams contested the Northern League that season and they finished in the following order; Solway Sharks, Fife Flyers, Whitley Warriors, Dundee Stars and Braehead Paisley Pirates.

The Stars won 44 per cent of their Northern League matches that season but finished 12 points behind their main rivals, Fife and league winners.

Dundee had a positive goal difference that season after scoring 303 goals and conceding 209 times across the Northern League and four other cup competitions.

The four cup competitions the Stars competed for were the; Scottish Cup, the Scottish Autumn Cup, the FFDR Cup and the Celtic Cup.

In the Scottish Cup, Dundee made it all the way to the final and met their old foes from Fife in the championship match but on the way, the Stars recorded their two biggest wins of the year with 14-0 and 14-2 thrashings of Edinburgh Capitals second team.

Roger Hunt’s men also won two games in their Autumn Cup campaign but were eliminated after the group stage phase.

They also came second in the FFDR Cup, which was won by the Caps after they topped the group with five wins and 10 points, while the Stars had eight points and only four wins.

The club also made it to the final of the Celtic Cup but again lost to their arch rivals but this time the one-off final had to be decided by a penalty shootout.



However, in the group stage of that competition, the Stars placed second after 20 games and finished with a record of 10-5-3-2 (wins-ties-losses-overtime losses), which gave them 33 points.

Dundee finished just one point leaders, Fife and they had also been competing against the Sharks, the Pirates and two teams from Dundalk, Ireland, who were the Latvian Hawks and the Dundalk Bulls.

In this cup competition, the team managed to score 103 goals and conceded only 72, which is average of 5.15 and 3.6 goals per game.

The club once again made the Northern League playoffs but their fourth place seeding set them up against league winners, Solway in the first round and that would be as far as they got, due to a 3-2 defeat.

Finally, in the overall knockout matches against Fife that season, the overall score was 8-7 in favour of the Flyers, after the two sides clashed on three occasions.

Next-up in our ‘Look Back’ series, we catch-up with a former Star from the 2008-2009 season and see how his life has changed since leaving the Stars.

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