The Trade-Mart Dundee Stars are delighted to announce that our hugely successful partnership with the University of Dundee, Business School will continue for an eighth season.

Head Coach and GM of the Trade-Mart Dundee Stars, Jeff Mason commented;

“I am extremely excited that we will be continuing our partnership with the University of Dundee, School of Business.”

“The University of Dundee and the Dundee Stars make a great team, and our aim is to continue to build upon the successes both have shared together.”

“This partnership helps ensure our ability to attract top level talent to Dundee to play for the Stars in the highly competitive EIHL, while also providing them the tools through the School of Business to be successful once their playing careers are done.”


Elizabeth Monk Associate Dean of the School of Business with the attendees from 2021/22 and Drydn Dow from 2019/20


Elizabeth Monk Associate Dean from the University of Dundee School of Business commented;

“The first Star we sponsored was Marc Cheverie in 2014/15, this was also the first year of the MSc Management programme, so this has been a long term commitment/partnership for the School of Business.

“The MSc Management programme is now the second most popular Master’s degree on offer at the University, so it remains an incredibly relevant choice of degree for those that secure the sponsorship award.”

“The ice hockey players bring a different perspective to the classes as they can apply their own experiences from the sports industry to the theory we introduce.

“They also bring their competitive outlook to assessments, especially in groupwork. The players we have sponsored so far have excelled with most achieving a Distinction (the highest level of award), and they constantly demonstrate how it’s possible to balance their studies with their playing careers.”

“The School of Business values the opportunity to support the Stars by helping to bring in players through the scholarship deal.”

“It is important for us to work with local groups to help improve the local community. If the scholarship helps the Stars bring in players to make the team more competitive and that brings in more fans to watch the game and maybe get involved in sports themselves then that is a great outcome.”

This season the University of Dundee, Business School will again be giving four places on the MSc Management programme to our players, which will include Ryan Verrier and Chris Gerrie.

To find out more about the University of Dundee and School of Business click HERE!

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