The Kitmart Dundee Stars are now halfway through their week-long preseason training camp and today we hear from a few more players as they continue their preparations for this weekend’s two exhibition games against Fife Flyers.

By Kris Smith

The squad are finding their feet again now that any rust has been shaken-off and after three days of high-intensity training, they are all settling back in and beginning to feel ready for the new season ahead.

Rookie forward, Connor Sills will make his pro hockey debut with the Stars this year and he has had to wait more than a year to reach that milestone at the DIA, but he feels ready to make his mark this weekend.

He said: “It has been pretty good; I am starting to get the legs moving and the hands going again now.

“Being back in the gym again has been good too and then meeting all the boys.

“We are starting to get some good chemistry already after three days, so it has been a good start and I am looking forward to the weekend.”

Connor added: “I know a lot of us have not played in a long time, so I think everyone is pretty excited to get out there and grab a couple of wins this weekend.”


Connor Sills tires to sneak one past Adam Morrison (Picture: Derek Black).


Meanwhile, experienced netminder, Adam Morrison is ready for another year of pro hockey and is still adjusting to his new surroundings and teammates.

The Canadian shot-stopper said: “It is nice to have people starting to trickle in and get to know the new faces and the guys who we are going to be competing with every single night.”

“It has been a while – well it has been over 18 months for me now, so I am really just looking forward to getting back out there and competing and just enjoying playing hockey again.

“I know the fans around Dundee and across in Fife have been waiting a while for this, so it is going to be very special for all the fans this weekend.


Adam Morrison denies two of his new teammates Charlie Combs (far) and Phillipe Sanche (right), (Picture: Derek Black).


Returning forward, Craig Garrigan is ready for his third season with his hometown club and the Dundonian cannot wait to have the fans back on Friday night.

He said: “It has been a tough first few days, Pach has been putting us through our paces and the guys are a little bit sore, as expected but we are all really excited for that first game.

“After such a long time off, it is going to be good, but I have played hockey without fans and now the fans are back, it makes it a really exciting time and especially with the games being against Fife, it makes it that bit more special.

“Hopefully the Stars fans turn up in numbers and show the new guys, what Dundee is all about.”


Craig Garrigan (Picture: Derek Black).


Finally, newly-singed forward, Timi Lahtinen is experiencing Scotland for the first time and has enjoyed his first few days as a Star.

The Finn said: “I feel good, we have had a good start to the week and the team are looking really good.

“Dundee is a lovely city, with great people and I am enjoying it and I cannot wait to see more of it this year.

“I also cannot wait to see the fans back on Friday night, I have heard from a few of the boys how good they are, so it is going to be a fun night.”


Timi Lahtinen (left) and Alexandre Ranger (right) burst up the ice (Picture: Derek Black).


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