Former Dundee Stars forward, Chris Blight left the club and retired from professional hockey five years ago and now the former Stars captain has recalled his year on Tayside.

By Kris Smith

Blight moved to Dundee in 2014 after splitting the previous two seasons in the Elite League with Cardiff Devils and Sheffield Steelers.

The then 32-year-old brought with him the experience of a 15-year hockey career when he signed with the Stars and during his career, Chris has previously played in the following leagues; American Hockey League, East Coast Hockey League, NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), Italy, Denmark and DEL 2 (Germamy).

Firstly, Chris started off by briefly explaining what he has been doing since retiring and leaving the Stars in 2015.

He began; “I got married in 2018 to my wife Sarah and we have now have a son called Logan, who is 17-months old.

“In terms of working, I am currently working in medical device sales and I am also a real estate agent.”

The winger then recalled his memories of his time in Dundee and he said: “I loved the city and everyone in the organisation.

“They treated us so well, I just wish we had a better team that year and it would have been a lot more enjoyable for us all.”



Although, Blight did have a few favourite moments that still stand out to him.

He added: “My favourite moment was being named captain by my teammates, which was a huge honour and I will always be grateful for the opportunity they gave me.

“It was a great group of guys and the ‘Dundee 12’ will still pop up on social media here and there, which always makes me laugh.

“Although my second favourite would be the night, where I was the bench coach when we beat Sheffield.

“Watching my teammates play shorthanded and beat a top team like that was pretty special.”


Chris also shared more about the reasons why he joined the club in the summer of 2014, after playing against Dundee for two years.

He explained: “It was Jeff Hutchins who brought me to the club and I think it was because I really admired his work ethic.

“Also, the fact that he had a young family, a full-time job, was our coach and was still playing as well.

“I appreciate that even more now that I am a father myself and also now that I am the same age as he was that season.

“I have not touched the ice in two years and cannot imagine playing at that level right now.”

Blight also discussed how it felt to be appointed captain during his time in Dundee and what it meant to him.

He said: “It was a huge honour and a surprise.

“We had some great players and leaders on that team at the start of the year and it was an exciting time.

“If we could have kept that team we had early on together we would have been a contender that year.

“As we lost players and had to play short most games it was tough to manage the situation.

“Obviously guys were not happy with losing and it was difficult to play that short, especially against those top teams that year.”



Finally, Chris shared a message for all the Stars fans back in Dundee and he said: “I would just like to thank them for their loyalty.

“They did not have much to cheer for that year as we struggled to even dress a full team most nights.

“I found the fans were all very nice and were incredibly patient with us and I think they could see we were giving it all we had despite being short players.

“Their support really helped us get through a difficult season!”

Next up in this week’s series of ‘Look Back’ articles on the 14th Dundee Stars season you can read the ‘Where Are They Now’ interview of another former Stars player from the 2014-2015 season and that will be available tomorrow at 12pm!

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