Former Dundee Stars goaltender, Craig Holland spent five seasons as the Stars backup shot-stopper and now he has looked back on his half decade in the City of Discovery.

By Kris Smith

Holland joined the club back in 2014 after leaving fellow Elite League side, Edinburgh Capitals, where he spent the previous five years after departing his hometown team, Fife Flyers.

Between 2014 and 2019, Craig made 36 appearances between the pipes for the Stars and was a key member of each squad.

Firstly, he started off by catching up on what he has been doing since he left Dundee.

Craig began: “I haven’t been playing, but well, the biggest and scariest thing is I have got a little boy on the way in September, so be on the lookout for him in about 18 years!

“But generally I have just coming to terms with all the real world things, I am working for Avis at the airport and enjoying it.

“I have not been playing anywhere really and I am really missing being out on the ice, so maybe once we get out of this lockdown I might pick it back up with a bit of reccy (recreational hockey).”



There were so many huge wins and memorable moments along the way during Holland’s time as a Star but he spoke about just how much he enjoyed being a Star.

He added: “There are too many good things to mention!

“There were so many ups and downs over the years but I think the playoff run we made a couple years back stands out.

“From being I think in last place at Christmas to making the final four weekend was unreal.

“The atmosphere for that Braehead game was amazing with all the banners and flags and to win the way we did just topped it off.

“It was unfortunate that we couldn’t make the final but just to get there was a great achievement.”



However, Sheepdog (a nickname given to the Fifer for his hairstyle) can easily pick his favourite moment with Dundee.

“It’s got to be that crazy shootout win in Fife”, he said.

Holland continued: “I think maybe only one of the shots actually hit me but just the way it went down in the shootout with Pontus getting hurt was insane.

“I might have over sold the celly (celebration) a little but Pach loved it so it’s all good!”

Also, the keeper from Buckhaven shared the story of how he became a Dundee player back in 2014, when he was just 22-years-old.

He said: “Hutch (Jeff Hutchins) was the coach at the time and I had played with him in Edinburgh before.

“He offered me the chance to come up to Dundee and be full-time, so it was a no brainer.

“Plus, he heated floors in the room were a bit of a contrast from Murrayfield as well!”



Craig has played for all of the Scottish clubs on the East Coast that have competed in the Elite League and comparing his times with Dundee, Edinburgh and Fife, he commented: “It was great!

“I actually played for the Flyers back when it was the SPHL (Scottish Premier Hockey League).

“I was only 15 at the time, so it was a great step before moving to Edinburgh with a team full of imports the year after that.

“The Caps was a great time as well, the team used to get a lot of stick for certain things but I always enjoyed being a part of the team.

“Like Dundee there was a lot of great people, who gave up so much of their own time to help out the team in any way they could, and it really was appreciated by the guys and I am sure that it will go on for years to come.”



Finally, Sheepdog shared a message for all the Stars fans and he said: “Thanks for all your support over the years, backing the team through thick and thin.

“Like I said before the fans are such a big part of the club with so many of you helping out in different ways, it really makes the club great.”

“Pach is doing a great job of growing the club and building on that core fanbase and I am looking forward to seeing the team he puts together for next year.

“It was unfortunate how this season ended as I think the momentum was building and they were likely to be peaking in time for playoffs!”

Next up in this week’s series of ‘Look Back’ articles on the 14th Dundee Stars season you can read the ‘Where Are They Now’ interview of another former Stars player from the 2014-2015 season and that will be available tomorrow at 12pm!

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