The Kitmart Dundee Stars are preparing to head into their 20th season and to celebrate this landmark campaign, over the summer we brought you a series that looked back across all the previous 19 seasons. However, after giving some time for last season’s squad to reflect on their time in Dundee, we can now bring you the ‘Where Are They Now’ interviews for the 2019/2020 season.

By Kris Smith

Defenseman Drydn Dow was key member of the squad for a pair of seasons and after his two years on Tayside, he has now reflected on his time in a Stars jersey.

Firstly, Drydn began by explaining what he has been up to over the pro-longed offseason and he said: “I was working out a lot throughout the summer and trying to stay in shape for the season ahead and I was also lucky enough to get engaged over the Christmas break.

“Other than that, I was just trying to prepare to get back to playing through the long break.”

The native of Calgary, Alberta began this shortened season back in America with the East Coast Hockey League’s Wheeling Nailers. However, Dow moved on after making two appearances and posting one assist, but a move to Europe quickly came about, as he signed up with Slovakian second division side, HK Spisska Nova Ves.

The 28-year-old also pointed out that he had to adapt to being back in the North American leagues.



“There are a few differences, obviously going back to the smaller ice in the ECHL was a bit of an adjustment, but it was just nice getting back to playing hockey again!

“Wherever you play there is going to be a good level of play so it is just nice to be able to continue playing and have some different experiences in this difficult time”, added Dow.

Drydn also expressed how much he enjoyed his time in Scotland and Dundee, saying: “Honestly, I only have very fond memories!

“I loved my time in Dundee, I really enjoyed living in the city and both years we had a great group of guys which made my time there a lot of fun.”

The Canadian then shared more about how his move to the Stars came about.

He explained: “I knew that I wanted to go overseas to play pro so when Pach got a hold of me I was immediately interested.

“I had a few offers to go elsewhere for my first pro season but from talking to friends and Pach I heard a lot of great things about the organisation.

“I also heard how great the fans were and how the league was continually growing and getting better, also going to a new country that spoke the same language definitely helped with my comfort level and all these things made it an easy decision.”



Finally, Drydn shared a message to all the Stars fans that supported him during his two years in the City of Discovery.

He said: “I just would like to thank all the fans for all their support over my two years in Dundee!

“You guys are some of the best fans in the league and helped to make the city feel like home for us.

“I hope you all stay safe and are back watching hockey live real soon.”

Next time we will be bringing you another interview with a player from the 2019-2020 season and we will be releasing interviews every month up until the start of the next campaign.

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