Former Dundee Stars forward and now club legend, John Dolan left the team four years ago but is still the team’s longest serving player and we caught up with JD to reminisce about his many years as a Star.

By Kris Smith

Dolan was born and bred in the City of Discovery and was a member of the Stars for 13 years.

John is still currently playing and has now completed 19 seasons in his professional career that started back in 2001.

Discussing what he has been doing since leaving the Stars, Dolan said: “I still work in the same job that I was in before I played for the Stars and if they never allowed me to leave to go and train then probably none of this would have ever happened.

“I have also got my coaching badges and help out the junior Stars and I also still play in the Scottish National League.”

The now 39-year-old has iced in 465 games for the Stars and created a vast amount of memories with all of his teammates over the years.

“I have lots of great memories from my first game to my last game”, said John.



He continued: “All the ups and downs, winning trophies, the amazing fans support, to all the people I have got to meet and all the teammates I have played alongside during my time as a Star was great.”

Despite being a part of the squad that won the British National League Playoff Championship in 2004-2005 and the Elite League’s Gardiner Conference winning team in 2013-2014, Dolan’s favourite memory from his time with the club, is making the perfect start on his debut.

He explained: “My favorite moment has to be my first ever game, I still remember being asked and I didn’t even think I would get a shift as I had never even trained with the team at that time.

“I mostly only remember about 10 seconds of my debut but this was the best part, as I did what I think every hockey player dreams of – scoring on the their first shift and first shot!”



The forward also told of how the players and staff were taken by surprise as the BNL folded, leaving the club searching for a new league to play in.

John added: “That was a crazy time, we were riding a wave after just winning the playoffs, which was incredible then all of a sudden there was no league to play.

“We had not gotten into the Elite League after the BNL collapsed, so the SNL was where we ended up but it was not the level everyone wanted the Stars to be playing at.

“However, it was what it was but we have great memories from that time also.

“Then now we are in the EIHL and this was a massive step up but again it was great that you got to play against the top teams in the UK, which I loved.”

Dolan is also one of a rare breed of players that has iced for both teams on each side of the River Tay.

After wearing a Stars shirt for 10 years straight, he made the switch to Fife for only one season and competed against his hometown team in the EIHL.



The following season, John switched back to playing for the Stars and he also shared a little more on why he made the move across the Tay Bridge.

He explained: “It was just a difference of opinions really, nothing else but I am still able to talk to both owners of these two great clubs which is all good.

“It was great playing for both clubs, both sets of fans are brilliant and always made me welcome.

“Maybe not when playing against one another but that is how it should be and it was a fun and amazing experience.”

The Stars all-time leading point, goal and assist scorer is a club legend and when asked what it feels like to be so highly regarded by the fanbase, John answered: “Haha I am very honoured to have people says this about me.

“I just think I was able to be the seen as a player that worked hard a did my best for the Stars during my time and was helped with a bit of luck.”



Finally he shared a message to all Stars fans and said: “Your support to me over the years, even now is amazing.

“I feel privileged and grateful to have been able to play for my hometown club, without you guys there would be no club.

“Thank you #16.”

That concludes our series of ‘Look Back’ articles on the fifth Dundee Stars season but there is plenty more still to come, as next week we take you back to the 2006-2007 season.

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