Former Dundee Stars Head Coach, Marc LeFebvre left the club four years ago but the Canadian has now looked back on his time in Scotland and has recalled some of his favourite experiences.

By Kris Smith

LeFebvre joined the coaching game back in 2011 after a 14 year playing career that took him from North America to the UK and also into continental Europe.

During his playing days, Marc iced for three teams in Britain; Sheffield Steelers, Coventry Blaze and Edinburgh Capitals, all across four seasons in the Elite League.

However, he would later go on to join the coaching staff of both those English teams and one other Scottish club.

In summer of 2015, LeFebvre would be named as the Stars Head Coach for the 2015-2016 season and with his experience of coaching in the United States, England and Hungary, he would go on to lead the Stars to great success over the next two years.

Firstly, Marc began by discussing what he has been doing since he left Dundee in the summer of 2017 and he began: “In the summer of 2017, I was offered the opportunity to be the Assistant Coach with Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL and work with some of the prospects of the Buffalo Sabres.

“To be able to work with potential NHL players every day and attend NHL and AHL training camps was a no brainer to me.

“In 2018, I took a similar position with Orlando and there we had a double affiliate working with both Tampa Bays and San Jose’s prospects.

“After that season, I had the itch to be a head coach again and began interviewing with different clubs for that role.

“I was offered a contract with a club in the Elite League but my goal was to either stay in North America or experience another league in Europe.

“So, I interviewed with six different clubs and eventually was hired by Odense Bulldogs in Denmark in November 2019, when they decided to make a change and I am still in that position today.

“It took some time but I am glad I went through the process I did last off season.”



The former Stars boss then shared some of his memories from his time in Tayside.

LeFebvre added: “For me on the ice, there are three memories that stick out.

“The triumphant second playoff leg in Braehead (Clan) in 2017 to become the first Stars team to reach the playoff weekend in Nottingham.

“The second one was the defeat to Cardiff (Devils) at home in the second leg of the playoff quarter final in 2016.

“That one hurt but for myself and the returning players the following season, that experience helped us grow and I believe it helped us for our success to get to the playoff weekend the following season.

“The third one was the memorable 11-9 win in Edinburgh during my first season.

“Those games are a coach’s nightmare and the most rollercoaster of emotions I have probably had as a coach other than the playoffs.

“Off the ice, it has to be the many friendships that I still have to this day with various people from Dundee.

“I was able to share many great moments and create memories with them away from the arena and it’s great we are still in contact to this day.”



Marc then went on to reveal his favourite moment as Head Coach of the Dundee Stars and he said: “There are two favourite moments for me.

“The first one obviously was the game mentioned before in Braehead to get to the playoff weekend.

“The second one, was the day I was offered the job to be the Stars Head Coach and I am very grateful to the Ward family for giving me that opportunity.”

Then the native of Kanata, Ontario talked more about how he first ended up in the Elite League and then what brought him to Dundee 12 years later.

“I was given an opportunity in 2003 coming out of junior hockey to sign with Sheffield, when the Superleague became the Elite League”, said LeFebvre.

He continued: “Initially, I was going to go to university and play what is known today as USports but after some thought I wanted to experience the opportunity in Sheffield and I am glad I took it.

“It was a great first pro season winning both the league and playoff titles as well.

“As for coming to Dundee, I had a bit of a rollercoaster year the season before with being let go in Coventry and being an assistant in Hungary to finish out the season.

“The Stars decided to make a change behind the bench and I put my name in and three interviews later I was offered the job and took a great opportunity to get back into the Elite League.”



Then the Canadian went on to describe what his experience of coaching the Stars was like and he explained: “It had a lot of ups and very few downs.

“We had a limited budget both on and off the ice but there were a lot of people who stepped up to help out and provide non-monetary resources that helped our players performance and I am grateful to those people.

“Sunday nights at the DIA was our night and I loved the atmosphere the fans created.

“I knew we were not a big club but I think that’s what brought the team together as a tight unit.

“We were all in this together and it was two of the most memorable seasons of my career.”

Finally, Marc shared a message for all the Stars fans back in Dundee and he said: “First off, I want to thank the Stars faithful for the support they gave me over my two seasons there.

“It is a loyal fan base and it’s good to see the crowds have gone up!

“They deserve playoff hockey every season and I hope that returns for them soon!”

That concludes our series of ‘Look Back’ articles on the 15th Dundee Stars season but there is plenty more still to come, as next week we take you back to the 2016-2017 season.

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