Former Kitmart Dundee Stars defenseman, Mike Sullivan left Dundee 10 months ago after completing his studies at the University of Dundee and we caught up with Sully to see how things have worked out for him since leaving the Stars in the summer.

By Kris Smith

Last season, the Canadian born-Italian played in 65 games for the Stars and scored six times and set up 15 more goals and now he has taken some time to reflect on his time in Dundee.

He said: “My memories of the Stars begin with how great the dressing room atmosphere was.

“We all genuinely enjoyed being around each other, and I believe that is why we were able to compete all year long, even though we battled the injury bug.

“I also loved the city.

“Almost every day I went to the Pacamara coffee house, and the walk from my house along the Perth road was always so great with the water in the background.

“Since leaving Scotland in May, I spent the summer training, while also completing my Business Project for the University of Dundee.

“Getting my Masters Degree is the accomplishment I am most proud of in my hockey career and I owe it all to the Stars and the University of Dundee.”

Also, some people may have noticed that the 27-year-old recently posted a picture on his Instagram account of him refereeing an ice hockey match and Sullivan has shared more on his decision to get into officiating the game he once played.



Mike explained: “I have wanted to be a referee for a while now, but I never really knew how to get started.

“So, three years ago I was lucky enough to attend the NHL exposure combine for potential/prospective officials.

“I loved the whole experience and realised that I wanted to really give officiating a shot.

“However, due to the extremely high amount of talent and competition in this profession, I wanted to have some education in my back pocket, in case this dream didn’t work out.

“Hence, the reason I wanted to get my Masters.”

His recent Instagram upload would have been the first time that people found out about Mike and his refereeing career but it was not a snapshot from his first ever match in stripes.

“The picture I posted the other day was not from my first game”, said Sullivan.

“It was from a recent game in Toronto, and it is about the only good photo I can find of me as an official.

“However, I have only officiated two games in Toronto, so it’s always special to work in front of family and friends.

“Officiating is definitely something that I would love to do for the rest of my life.

“As mentioned, there is so much talent out there in officiating, so the market is so competitive.

“However, to be able to be around the game everyday, and make a great career out of it, would be a dream.

“Although, at the moment, I am just making sure that every game I get in the AHL, OHL, and Minor Hockey, I work hard and do my best to referee a fair game.

“The game has given me so much, and I owe it to the game to do that.”

Finally, Mike shared a message to all the Stars faithful and he said: “Stars fans, I want to thank you for the kind messages and words this year.



“Even though I am gone, I still feel part of the Stars community.

“I value all of your friendships and thank you.

“Keep on supporting the boys through this playoff push, I know that they appreciate it.

“Also, to Omar and the Wards, without them, I would not have completed my schooling and I would not feel as comfortable, and ready to chase my dream.

“Also, to Lissa Monk, for constantly working with me throughout the school year, and giving me the confidence to grind through the schoolwork.

“Good luck and COYS!”


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