Former Dundee Stars forward, Ross McIntosh spent a total of seven seasons playing for the Stars and after seven years of away, he has looked back on his time with the team he grew up watching.

By Kris Smith

McIntosh made his first appearance for the Stars in 2006 and was on the team through until the end of 2012-2013 season and he helped the club through the Scottish leagues and their step up to the Elite League.

Firstly, Ross described how his career evolved after leaving the Stars organisation and he began: “In a hockey sense, once I left the Stars I had a brief spell playing for Solway Sharks in the English league but like when I was playing for the Stars, it was just too much commitment.

“I then moved north to play for Aberdeen Lynx in the SNL for five seasons, winning the playoffs once and now I’m currently back in Dundee playing for the Tigers.”

The Dundonian was left with many great memories from his 157 games with the club but also throughout his life as he grew up watching his hometown.

McIntosh added: “I have some great memories with the Stars.

“Watching them in the first season when I was only 10, it was my goal to play for them.

“The 2008-2010 period in the Scottish Professional Hockey League was fun although not very entertaining for the fans and I met some great guys playing for them.”



Also, Ross shared what his favourite moment in a Stars jersey was but he had a few to chose from.

He said: “It’s hard to pick just one moment.

“Scoring my first Elite League goal in my first EIHL game was a special one.

“Also, when we were 5-1 down to Braehead Clan at home and we came back to win in a shootout and I had scored the 5th and equalising goal.

“Scoring against former Star, Stephen Murphy, who was playing for Belfast Giants and was probably the best goalie in the country at the time, was special as well.

“Playing for Dundee Stars was always my goal from when I was young and to finally put the jersey on and see loyal fans in the stands that were there from day one when I was just a child, it was just incredible.”



Some fans may not know that a lot of players have summer jobs for when they are back home during the offseason but most of the British players and some others have another job that they work during hockey season.

This means they can be playing anywhere in Britain at the weekend but working nine to five during the week and as McIntosh had a similar situation, he was asked how hard it was to manage both work and hockey.

He replied: “When I played in Elite League for Stars I was actually doing an apprenticeship as a joiner and luckily the company I was working for allowed me to train during the day for the first season and a half, then it got harder and harder to commit.

“Although, getting home at 6am on a Monday morning off the bus from Cardiff and going straight to work was not fun haha.”

Finally, McIntosh shared a message for all the Stars fans and he said: “Stay as loyal as ever and have patience and support for the young British guys coming through and thanks for the support you showed me when I played.”

Next up in this week’s series of ‘Look Back’ articles on the sixth Dundee Stars season you can read the ‘Where Are They Now’ interview of another former Stars player from the 2006-2007 season and that will be available tomorrow at 12pm!

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