Former Dundee Stars forward, Scott Barnes won the only championship of his professional career in Dundee and that year has left him with many happy memories.

By Kris Smith

Scott came to Scotland in 2004 after he joined the Stars from Belgian club, Olympia Heist op den Berg and the then 26-year-old made a big contribution to the Stars offence with 51 points in 49 appearances.

In his only season with the club, Barnes also played a big role in helping secure the Stars second playoff championship in four years, after he recorded 18 points in the post-season.

Firstly, Scott explained what he has been doing since leaving Dundee and he said: “I left Dundee 15 years ago, so a lot has happened since then.

“I played pro a couple more years and tore my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), so I decided to get into coaching and development rather than keep playing.

“I started my own hockey development business in 2007 training players from four years of age to pro players.

“We run camps, weekly skill clinics, put summer tournament teams together and provide private lessons.

“I started coaching in 2007 as well and have coached junior aged players as well as younger kids in minor hockey.

“I purchased a Junior. B franchise here in Canada, Thorold Blackhawks, back in 2017, so that is where a lot of my focus is now.

“I am the owner, GM and Head Coach of the team, so it is a lot of work but it is a lot of fun as well.

“I got married in 2013 to my wife Leah and we have two young boys, four-year-old Chase and two-year-old Ryker.”



Many players have talked about how much they enjoyed their time in Tayside and the Canadian had a similar experience as he talked about his time in Dundee.

Scott added: “I have nothing but great memories from my time with the Stars and being in Scotland.

“Obviously anytime you win a championship you are going to have great memories but our team had a lot of fun, plus many great nights out on the town.

“We had some fun golf days, did a lot of sightseeing and I just truly loved my time there.

“I would have returned in a second if the team had a league to play in!”



Although, nothing beats the moment of winning that playoff title, after the team’s remarkable turnaround and that is still winger’s favourite moment in a Stars jersey!

“My favourite moment has to be winning the championship!” explained Barnes.

He continued: “Winning the playoffs was awesome, if you remember the beginning of the season didn’t start off too well, so to turn the season around like we did and to win the playoffs, made it even more special.

“Once Evan Lindsay and Corey Morgan arrived, our team totally changed.

“Morgs and I started playing together and chemistry throughout our whole lineup started to build.

“You could actually feel our team getting better and our confidence growing, it was great to be a part of that group both on and off the ice.

“It was an unbelievable group of guys on that team and was very special to win with them, that party lasted for many days haha.

“It was great having our fans down in Guildford banging the drums and being super loud, it was an awesome atmosphere.

“Some of the best memories came from after the home games and having beers with the fans at the bar in the rink.

“Another great memory was having my parents come over and get to see another part of the world, they don’t travel a lot and that is something I know they really enjoyed, getting to see Scotland.

“Margaret (Hockeygran) and Jack acted as tour guides for my parents and I really appreciated that.



The 41-year-old then recalled what made him choose to come and play in Dundee and he said: “Roger Hunt was the reason I came to Dundee, he is from my hometown in Dunnville and he recruited me and my best buddy Scott Corbett, who is also from Dunnville.

“I had played in Belgium the year before and I was just looking for some good life experiences and was sold on coming to Scotland.

“It wasn’t a very hard sell at all, if I remember correctly I think we signed in April or May, definitely before summer had started.”

Finally, Scott had a message for all the fans back in Dundee and he said: “My message to the fans would just be THANK YOU for everything they did for me that year.

“I am sure they are still just as passionate and the current players appreciate it as well.

“Also I am hoping to make it over for a visit next year with some of the other guys from our team as Hockeygran is making some plans.

“So, hopefully I will see everyone again soon.

“Take Care, Barnzy.”

Next up in this week’s series of ‘Look Back’ articles on the fourth Dundee Stars season you can read another ‘Where Are They Now’ Interview from another former Stars player from the 2004-2005 Championship winning team and that will be available here tomorrow at 12pm!

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