Former Dundee Stars defenseman, Scott Plews was with the club for two seasons but that was almost 12 years ago and now we have caught up with Scott to see how things are going since he left.

By Kris Smith

Plews played for a number of clubs in Scotland, including Fife Flyers, Murrayfield Racers, Paisley Pirates, Edinburgh Capitals and briefly with English side, Telford Tigers, all before arriving in Dundee in 2006.

He was a part of the Stars team for two seasons in the latter part of his career and made 29 appearances in the Scottish National League and Northern League for Dundee.

Firstly, Scott explained what he has been doing since he left the Stars in 2008 and he began: “Since Dundee I have only played a tiny bit of recreational hockey but I have been working as a supervisor with Fife Council.

“I also started up a clothing brand called ‘Gloves Off’ which sends out a positive message and has been reasonably successful, with a bright future as well.

“Then there is the most important thing in my life and the hardest of them all and that’s my family.

“I have been bringing up my three amazing kids along with my wife Shirley, who we are very proud of and we are all well and safe just now.”



The former blueliner enjoyed his time in the City of Discovery and has many great memories of his time with the club.

Scott shared: “I have great memories of the Stars and they are both on and off the ice.

“Roger Hunt was a great coach but a better person and friend, my teammates were superb and we had some sessions in Dundee city center!

“Then there are the fans, they are some great people and passionate hockey fans, we made some friends over the years too.

“Also, the Ward family are true hockey people and I just wish Fife had people like them at the helm.”

Although, one there are a few moments from his time with Dundee that standout as his favourite in a Stars jersey.

“My favourite moment in a Stars Jersey other than the couple of bench clearances we had would have been the times we beat Fife”, said Plews.



Scott was also one of the players who had played in the British National League and then then Scottish Leagues after the BNL folded and he discussed how different that drop felt.

He said: “I enjoyed the Scottish leagues as there was less pressure and less travelling.

“It gave me more time to provide for and bring up my family.”

After being a Fife Flyer from 1990 to 1994 and again in the 2005-2006 season, that summer, Plews moved north of the River Tay for his first year as Star.

As one of a rare breed of players to play for both clubs in the Tayside Derby, he recalled what it was like to be on both benches.

Scott commented: “I would always play with an edge against any club at any level regardless, who they were.

“I just enjoyed playing against Fife that bit more due to the way they treated me and many other local guys.”



Finally, Plews shared a message for all the Stars fans back in Dundee and he said: “I loved you Stars fans as you would always want to chat and that was the same when you were there as a visitor, a player or a coach.

“I hope they are all well and safe during this pandemic and I sincerely hope the hockey season is allowed to start for them and all other teams and their fans.

“It is truly an amazing sport for players and fans alike.

“Take care, Plewsey.”

That concludes our series of ‘Look Back’ articles on the sixth Dundee Stars season but there is plenty more still to come, as next week we take you back to the 2007-2008 season.

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