Former Dundee Stars defenseman, Willie Nicolson spent two seasons with the club back when the Stars were competing in the Scottish Leagues and now he has reminisced about his time with Tayside’s top team.

By Kris Smith

The blueliner from Kirkcaldy, started his career in Fife with the Flyers but made his first move in 2006, when he joined the Stars.

After departing the Stars” local rivals from across the Tay Bridge, Willie stayed in Dundee for two seasons.

Also, at that time, Nicolson was involved in the Great Britain Under 18’s squad but now he has spoken about where he went after leaving Dundee.

Willie began: “When I left the Stars, I split my playing time between Fife and Edinburgh in the Elite League for several seasons.

“Recently, I returned to play in Dundee last year and began playing with the Dundee Comets, who have some ex-Stars players on the team.

“During this time, we managed to lift the Scottish Cup once again.”



The now 30-year-old also shared a few memories from his time as a Star and he said: “I have lots of great memories playing in a Stars jersey and there are some crazy memories with some of the characters we had in the team back then.

“The first memory I had was walking into the Stars changing room and seeing how luxurious it was, not what I was used to over in Fife.

“But there are too many great memories to list from my time in Dundee.”

However, Nicolson’s favourite moment with the team was winning the Scottish Autumn Cup against they Flyers in Fife.

Willie was only 16-years-old when he joined the Stars and he shared what it was like to play for a big club like Dundee when they were playing in the Scottish Leagues, following the collapse of the British National League.

“It was great playing with the Stars, I enjoyed every minute of my time there” said Willie.

He continued: “As a player it was a great organisation to play for, there were quite a few great players that moved across from Fife in my first season at Dundee, so it was easy to fit right in.”



As a player that iced for both the Stars and the Flyers, the defender discussed the experience of playing on each side of the Tayside rivalry.

He commented: “The games between the two teams were always intense, no matter what side I was playing on but both teams were always challenging for silverware.

“There was always a bit of banter especially from the Stars fans when I was playing in a Flyers jersey from the section above the away teams bench, I’m sure they’ll know who they are….”

Finally, Nicolson shared a short message for all the Stars fans and he said: “The Stars fans are great and I wish everyone well and good luck to everyone for the upcoming season.”

Next up in this week’s series of ‘Look Back’ articles on the seventh Dundee Stars season you can read the ‘Where Are They Now’ interview of another former Stars player from the 2007-2008 season and that will be available tomorrow at 12pm!

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