Our amazing fans have been voting over the past six weeks and now you have chosen the six players to be in our all-time-starting line-up.

By Kris Smith

There are a good range of players in the line-up, that span from the club’s first ever season to the latest.

Over 6000 votes were cast across the 31 different polls and from 72 candidates, we have our starting six.


In between the pipes, Dan Bakala:

Seasons Played: 2013/2014

Nationality: Canadian

Catches: Left Hand

Jersey: #39

Accomplishments: EIHL All-Star First Team, EIHL Best Save Percentage (.928%), EIHL Gardiner Conference Champion, EIHL Netminder of the Year and EIHL Player of the Year.




League – GP: 52   W-L: 28-24   GAA: 2.66   SV%: .928   SO: 4

Playoffs – GP: 2   W-L: 0-2   GAA: 4.00   SV%: .881   SO: 0

Cup – GP: 10   W-L: 5-5   GAA: 2.64   SV%: .923   SO: 1

Bakala‘s extremely impressive season in the Dundee crease left a lasting impact on both the Stars organisation and the entire Elite League.

As well as being recognised by EIHL in the end of season awards, Dan also gained Stars legendary status and now with this additional recognition, he has further cemented his place as one of the all-time greats.



Starting at left defence, Scott Young:

Seasons Played: 2001/2002, 2002/2003 & 2003/2004

Nationality: Canadian

Shoots: Left Hand

Jersey: #4

Accomplishments: 01/02 – BNL League Champion, BNL All-Star First Team and BNL Playoff Champion.




League – GP: 57   G: 42   A: 63   P: 105   PIMS: 247

Playoffs – GP: 16   G: 11   A: 15   P: 26   PIMS: 40

Young was key to the Stars success in their first season and his memorable style of play has helped him to secure a place in our coveted line-up. Everyone who had the chance to watch him play would marvel at his coast to coast goals and no nonsense defensive style.

Scott has always been remembered throughout the years and his reputation as one of the Stars greatest ever defensemen will be increased by his election to the all-time starting six.



And on the right side, Drydn Dow:

Seasons Played: 2018/2019 & 2019/2020

Nationality: Canadian

Shoots: Left Hand

Jersey: #6

Accomplishments: 19/20 – EIHL All-Star Second Team and EIHL Most Goals by a Defenseman (14).




League – GP: 38   G: 21   A: 28   P: 49   PIMS: 58

Cup – GP: 10   G: 4   A: 8   P: 12   PIMS: 4

Dow created some big waves in such little time and his impressive two years on Tayside will be remembered for years to come.

Drydn’s charisma and personality shone through in his game play and that legend will live on following his induction to our greatest ever starting six.



Starting out on the left wing, Jerry Pollastrone:

Seasons Played: 2013/2014

Nationality: American

Shoots: Left Hand

Jersey: #37

Accomplishments: EIHL Gardiner Conference Champion




League – GP: 38   G: 21   A: 28   P: 49   PIMS: 58

Cup – GP: 10   G: 4   A: 8   P: 12   PIMS: 4

Pollastrone is one of the most skilful players to ever play for the Stars and his explosive speed and slick hands were what made him untouchable and therefore a fan favourite.

Jerry helped to create a standard that the team would maintain to achieve their Gardiner Conference success and his sizeable contributions to the team in such little time will never be forgotten.



And on the right wing, Justin Faryna:

Seasons Played: 2015/2016 & 2016/2017

Nationality: Canadian

Shoots: Right Hand

Jersey: #18




League – GP: 93   G: 44   A: 51   P: 95   PIMS: 237

Cup – GP: 20   G: 9   A: 8   P: 17   PIMS: 47

Playoffs – GP: 5   G: 2   A: 3   P: 5   PIMS: 2

Faryna was the team’s protector and his no nonsense attitude has lived on within the fanbase. His offensive talents will never be forgotten either, as he came up time and again with decisive golas in big games.

His induction to this all-time team means that his contributions and devotion to the team will always be remembered.



And finally, starting at center ice, Tony Hand:

Seasons Played: 2001/2002 & 2002/2003

Nationality: Scottish

Shoots: Right Hand

Jersey: #9

Accomplishments: 01/02 – BNL League Champion and BNL Playoff Champion.




League – GP: 80   G: 47   A: 137   P: 184   PIMS: 117

Cup – GP: 16   G: 14   A: 25   P: 39   PIMS: 12

Playoffs – GP: 10   G: 7   A: 17   P: 24   PIMS: 4

Hand led the team to glory and set the bar for the organisation’s future but his pure talent and skill was something to behold.

Many Stars fans have not forgotten just how good Tony was and his already large UK hockey reputation will be added to with his addition to the club’s best ever line-up.



Thanks to everyone who voted and made this part of Stars history, we will be bringing you more special content to celebrate our upcoming 20th season soon.

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