The Kitmart Dundee Stars have been thrilled to bring you our Dundee Stars Legends auction and the bidding will close today at 12pm. Which one of these fantastic, one-off jerseys would you like to own?

Our amazing fans have been bidding for these fantastic jerseys for almost 3 weeks and now we find ourselves almost at the conclusion.

The auction will close, Sunday 22/11/20 at 12 pm. Any bids placed after that time will not be valid, so make sure you get yours in NOW!

If you wish to bid, please send your bid to [email protected], stating the amount you wish to bid and the jersey you wish to bid on. ie Justin Faryna #18 £210 or Scott Corbett #97 £120

Ideally we would like the bids to increase in £10 increments, thanks.

If you are hoping to gift someone the jersey, you can remain anonymous during the bidding process. If you wish to remain anonymous, just let us know in your email.



All current bids can be found below and will be updated regularly throughout today and tomorrow morning, so please keep and eye on this page, if you wish to bid;

#2          Omar Pacha                     Current Bid £170 – Jon Frullani
#4          Scott Young                      Current Bid £200 – Anonymous
#5          Nikita Kashirsky               Current Bid £100 – Shaun Gilchrist
#6          Drydn Dow                       Current Bid £150 – Anonymous
#7          Jeff Marshall                    Current Bid £100 – Ross Marshall

#9          Tony Hand                     Current Bid £100 – Wendy Eaton
#9          Brent Hughes                 Current Bid £90 – Steve Drummond
#12        Ken Priestlay                    Current Bid £150 – Ryan McConnachie
#14        Teeder Wynne                Current Bid £120 – Larzo
#15        AJ Maclean                       Current Bid £130 – Anonymous

#16        John Dolan                       Current Bid £100 – Duncan Vaughan
#18        Justin Faryna                   Current Bid £200 – David Brockie
#19        Sam McCluskey               Current Bid £80 – Andrew Strange
#19        Gary Wishart                   Current Bid £80 – Mike Donnelly
#22        Jan Mikel                          Current Bid £110 – Shaun Gilchrist

#23        Vinny Scarsella                Current Bid £200 – Anonymous
#25        Brett Switzer                    Current Bid £150 – Anonymous
#26        Cory Morgan                    Current Bid £100 – Fran Kennedy
#27        Paddi Lochi                       Current Bid £150 – Tracy Troup
#27        Brock McPherson           Current Bid £90 – Brian Wilson

#29        Nico Sachetti                    Current Bid £100 – Chris Grant
#31        Stephen Murphy             Current Bid £90 – Lawrie Hill jnr
#37        Matt Marquardt             Current Bid £200 – anonymous
#37        Jerry Pollastrone             Current Bid £90 – Aidan Bridgeman
#39        Dan Bakala                       Current Bid £175 – Anonymous

#44        Martin Wiita                    Current Bid £80 – Gill Dora
#44        Jason Shmyr                     Current Bid £150 – Steven Folganan
#71        Jeff Hutchins                    Current Bid £80 – Anonymous
#96        Scott Barnes                     Current Bid £100 – Anonymous
#97        Scott Corbett                   Current Bid £80 – Gill Townsley

We thank everyone for their continued support of the club and best of luck to all those who have placed a bid.

#COYStars #StarsLegends






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