The Trade-Mart Dundee Stars were looking to secure their third Tayside Derby win of the season as they welcomed Fife Flyers to the Dundee Ice Arena on Saturday night and there was two players making their home debuts in defenseman, Chris Lijdsman and forward, Johan Eriksson.

By Kris Smith

As soon as the game started, the action went from end to end with both goalkeepers being tested early, but Dundee’s Anton Svensson had the more difficult saves to make and did so with ease.

Eventually the first penalty of the night would put the Stars on the powerplay in the 11th minute but their man advantage would be cut short due to a goaltender interference foul by Elijiah Barriga.

As the American collided with Shane Owen in the Fife goal, the contact looked unavoidable and sent the Stars bench into uproar but the Flyers would soon have a two-man advantage just moments later, as Seth Bafaro’s hit on Dundee’s Philippe Sanche sparked a reaction from Ryan Verrier.

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